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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Dehumanization Processes: Our Responsibility Does Not End Online

Dehumanization occurs when a man sees in a fellow human being who he considers being different, disturbing, an enemy. He projects his anger of worries and fears into him and excludes him as inferior. Worthless of kind words, empathy, attention, cooperation, coexistence. On social media, this happens easily, as a person can be insulted, discredited and blocked without consequences, even in the safe shelter of anonymity. In this scientific paper, we will analyze how the process of dehumanization through socially unacceptable but unsanctioned communication that smoothly takes place on social networks. We will inspect the fierce showdowns between proponents and opponents of the measures brought about by the epidemic. From the virtual world, dehumanization is, like a virus, spreading to real life and to our work environments and interpersonal relationships. The processes of dehumanization must therefore be identified and stopped in a timely manner. We are professionals and we are people, so we must and can cooperate and coexist. Even with people who differ from us. We have a duty to protect the dignity of our fellow human beings. Even the dignity of people we don't agree with. Also online.

Damjana Pondelek
Urednica, d.o.o.


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