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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Ict Use In Home Healthcare From Elderly Patients and Nurses Perspective

In the dynamic world of advances in technology, medicine, nursing, and other sciences, an important aspect is secure retrieval and transmission of information. ICT affects health care because of the transmission and the provision of health care at a distance. The ways of information transmission, acquisition of new knowledge and skills, service provision depend on the personal characteristics of nurses and users. This paper investigates the experience and use of ICT in the daily life of home health care users and the professional work of nurses, which stems from research that indicates a lack of ICT use in communication with patients and professional development. Furthermore, the potential for active aging involves the use of ICT and the preservation of mental health, but the old ones consider technology learning to be the least important. For the purposes of the research, a questionnaire of ICT use with open-ended questions was applied. The sample consists of home care nurses and their users. The obtained data were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively, and where possible presented in absolute and relative frequencies. Nurses use ICT more in personal development and communication with each other, and less for monitoring and supervising the health status of users. Compared to the respondents from the group of users, they use ICT mostly for entertainment and leisure (TV) and communication (telephone) with close people. Nurses list several advantages of ICT in everyday life, professional development, and application in user's home health care settings.

Renata Možanić
Ustanova za zdravstvenu njegu Lekić; Student na Alma Mater Europaea

Zlatko Bukvić
Centar Tomislav Spoljar for upbringing and education


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