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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Parent Involvment and Behavioural Problems In Primary School Children

Parental involvement in the educational process is a protective factor in children's development. It is estimated that in the primary school population about 15% of children manifest behavioral problems. It is assumed that children with pronounced internalized and externalized behavioral problems assess weaker parental support. These parents rarely come to school and have poor cooperation with the school. Concerning the age of the children, we predict that older students have more pronounced behavioral problems. Data were collected by the Student Behavior Questionnaire and the Student Demographics Questionnaire. Appropriate descriptive and multivariate methods will be used for statistical analysis, and if possible the sample will be made up of students with disabilities and students of average development.

Zlatko Bukvić
Centar Tomislav Spoljar for upbringing and education


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