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Za Ĩloveka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Upload Memories and Cosciousness: The Future of Bio-Cybernetics and Transcendence Technology

The brain consists of an elaborate supercomputer in which every single thought, word, action, emotion can be translated in the form of bioelectric impulses. I developed a technology that allows you to create a direct interface between brain tissue and a computer. The experiment takes place with a culture of neurons, deriving from the animal parahippocampal cortex, where the brain's short and long-term memory is located, placed in a nutrient culture substrate in which Retinoic Acid is present, essential in the retinal tissue, in which are present pyramidal neurons, for the reception of light impulses and the subsequent conversion into electrical impulses. A digital polygraph, connected to the culture of neurons, will record the impulses that will be sent to the culture of neurons, in order to determine, after their reprocessing, if there is a certain regularity of the response. From the re-examination of the sequence of input and output impulses, thanks to a software for analyzing the sound spectrum, a regularity of output impulses of 45% was highlighted, despite the fact that it was a culture of initially inactive neurons and an R2 of 0.001 which excludes the possibility of random events and affirms the presence of statistical significance. This allows me to state about the possibility of recording subliminal cerebral impulses by means of simple tools.

Stefano Turini
Alma Mater Europaea


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