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Za človeka gre 2021 / All about people 2021

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Development of Autistic Children’ Plastic Skills By Modern-Dance

Choreographic art as a way of development of autistic children is an issue that is relevant in everyday reality, where among mentally healthy children, there are cases of autistic children. It is extremely important not to stand aside from these problems, but to scientifically solve and explore the possibilities of creative development of such children, which will contribute to their further social adaptation. The aim of our research is to determine the methods of developing the creative abilities of autistic children by modern choreography. To do this, we need to decide the following tasks: to study the main features of behavior and plasticity of autistic children; identify important relevant creative areas for the development of autistic children; explore the possibilities of using modern dance techniques in the development of autistic children; to characterize the program of modern choreography for the development of such students.

Tamara Drach
Dance studio "Choсolate"

Olena Cymbalyuk
Lviv State University of Phisycal Culture


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